PharmaBusiness 2018

The first significant event of the year!

— 500+ participants, 100% trendsetters of pharmaceutical market 63%  participants —- the first persons of the companies
 10 practical panels; 2 parallel streams; 8 discussions;3D reviews; interview; 3 round tables
 Direct questions to representatives of the state sector: the real participation of regulators!


— XIII International Conference
"Pharmaceutical Business in Russia: A Prospective Scenario for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Market for 2018", 20 February

— X Anniversary Pharmacy Summit
"Effective Pharmacy Network Management", 21 February


FORCE! OFFICIAL FORECAST OF GM from leading Russian and international pharmaceutical companies
WITHOUT SURPRISES. RESULTS OF GMP INSPECTION. Basic violations and comments on foreign sites
HOT! Investments in the Russian pharmaceutical market: are there any consequences for sanctions?
LAW & BUSINESS: How will the new laws change the rules of the game in the market in 2018?
THE GAME ON THE REDUCTION. WHAT IS THE PRICE OF PHARMA? How to reduce the cost of drugs?
Special interviews with market experts

Pharmacy Summit:

PHARMACIES, FORWARD! The weather forecast for tomorrow
MORE: Is there a chance to survive unconsolidated retail? Who will support it?
hypovitaminosis in the pharmacy market: mergers and acquisitions of pharmacy chains. What surprises can you expect?
RECIPES FOR DEVELOPMENT. What is the secret of successful networks?
MARGE: are there any prescriptions for increasing market margins?
THE WAY TO ETERNITY: what else can you do with a pharmacy markup?
ABOUT MONEY: how to survive a traditional drugstore when you open a discounter near you?
SALE OUT! BUSINESS COST. A frank conversation between former and current owners
FIFTY OF SHADOWS OF THE GRAY IN PHARMA. Confessions of distributors and manufactures

Who wants more:

EXPERTISE: IMPORT-PHASE-OUT IN ACTION. How close are we to achieving the 90% share of domestic drugs?
DIGITAL RECIPE: Telemedicine and Pharma
WORLD AROUND US: How and what do customers buy? Trends in the behavior of professional audiences
BUT MUCH! The only supplier or offset: reduce prices or not?
TALKS ON THE SOUL: how did we sign the SPIC?
MYTH OR REALITY: own production of substances
FIVE O'CLOCK. PHARMA AND LAWYERS: the time to talk in the language of patents
ICE AND FLAME IN ADVERTISING: compliance and creativity in pharmacy
WHITE STAINS IN PHARM└. Evaluation and monitoring of commercials. Requirements for disclaimer
REFLECTIONS on the effective discount model
PHARMACY FOR THE BUYER. Greeting according to the clothes — serving wisely
PARTNERSHIP. What it is, if it is real like. Unification of large networks into alliances.
TOTAL DIVING INTO INTERNET. What is strength in, brother ?
NON-MEDICINAL ASSORTMENT: to sell or not to sell  (make the right choice)

Audience of the event: heads of representative offices of pharmaceutical manufacturers, general and commercial directors of Russian pharmaceutical companies, distributors of companies and pharmacy chains.

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We are waiting for you at the first key event of 2018 for the whole pharmaceutical industry


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